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12 step model of Alcoholics Anonymous in conjunction with motivational interviewing and self esteem building

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Our Mission is to support Women, Pregnant Women and Post Partum Women through the process of sobriety. We use the 12 step model of Alcoholics Anonymous in conjunction with motivational interviewing and self esteem building. In addition to helping women achieve sobriety we are looking forward to establishing sober housing in the near future to help women transition safety back into the community.

Our residents are encouraged to integrate with the community and to access community resources, including but not limited to self help groups and employment. Our Recovery Home also offers enhanced services for pregnant and post-partum women and their infants which include coordination of prenatal/pediatric care.


Our Staff

The primary asset of Edwina Martin House is its staff. The women who run the House and counsel the clients are caring and experienced, with an average of 7 years tenure at the House. Their steadfast dedication to their clients is reflected in the success of the program and the lasting relationships its alumnae maintain with the program.

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At the Edwina Martin House, women learn who they can be without the alcohol and other drug addictions that have defined their lives, distanced them from their friends and families, and hindered their education and employment. Since 1982, more than 4,000 women, ages 20 to 70, have begun to recover and find new opportunities for growth.



Brockton resident Edwina L. Martin was a long-time volunteer and activist for local alcohol and drug programs. She ran an information and referral center and provided personal assistance and advocacy for the sick and suffering. Her years of effort culminated in the establishment in 1982 of the women’s recovery house which bears her name. Catholic Charities of Boston operated the House before turning it over to the non-profit EMH Recovery, Inc. in 2004.


The Edwina Martin House program is a tenant of the Brockton Housing Authority. Its primary funding comes from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. Private funds, from organizations and individuals, along with co-pays from the House residents who become employed during their stays, account for much of the remainder.

Through effective linkages with other Brockton area providers, EMH Recovery, Inc. has maintained its full range of services to women in recovery in spite of recent state budget cutbacks and increased competition for private dollars.

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About the Director

Donna McDade, Program Director

Donna McDade has worked at the Edwina Martin House For the past fifteen years, and as a counselor for the past seven years.
She works closely with the women at the House through all phases of their recovery. She sees seven individual clients, does Group Therapy and a group on Family Issues and Assertiveness.

Donna is also the Gambling Advocate for the House, she continues to bring knowledge and compassion to the women of the House.
Donna has recently become Program Director and oversees all clients, staff and all issues regarding The Recovery Home.


Most of the women who enter the Edwina Martin House have tried before but have failed to achieve long-term sobriety.

The intensive program at Edwina Martin House, coupled with nurturing support services, enables each woman to focus exclusively on her recovery for up to 6 months by participating in a range of therapies which includes:


• Individual counseling
• Group therapy
• 12-Step discussions
• Nutritional education
• Family systems education
• Violence against women training
• Workforce re-entry

12 step model of Alcoholics Anonymous in conjunction with motivational interviewing and self esteem building

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